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Read here what one client had to say about how Robin helped her family achieve harmony she had begun to doubt was possible.  Read Blended Family Testimonial


"Great tools to help me be a better parent. Great compassion and understanding - I never felt judged. The coach made it easy to be honest and truly receive the help I needed."


“The best part was learning to take the drama and emotion out of disagreements."


“Nothing else was helping, but Robin understood our needs and gave us manageable solutions. This really works!”    










“The coach tells it like it is, gives us time to try and figure out the solutions and gives us new ideas.”      


“The best part was learning to give my children more freedom of choice and to know it’s okay for them to learn from a poor choice.”    


"The program taught me how to allow the children to experience natural consequences for their behaviors and take care of myself, and them, during the process. Although I knew how to be a good parent I skipped the part about taking care of myself during the process. Children, in general, can be very challenging and Love and Logic taught me how to relax and love them through their challenges. Initially I was skeptical of coaching, but now I am a firm believer.”    


"We started seeing Robin when we were locked in a struggle for control with our strong-willed 5-year-old. It felt like every day life was much harder than it should be, and we knew we weren't happy with how we were feeling and couldn't imagine that our daughter was either. After listening to our many examples of what our daughter did or said and how we responded, Robin helped us to see why our responses were ineffective and gave us the tools we needed to respond more effectively when similar situations occurred in the future. After several months of sessions with Robin and practicing at home, we were really happy to realize that we were much calmer parents, that using the tools became second nature instead of feeling forced like at the beginning, and that we could help our daughter deal with her strong emotions so that she felt calmer too."


"We are divorced parents, and working with our coach has enabled us to look at our relationship and better define our goals for blending our families together. The tools, suggestions, and guidance she gave us have been extremely helpful in giving us direction and a 'road map' on how to get where we want to go!"


"Life is full of challenges and opportunities and whether you’re single or married, it still requires work. As a single mom to my middle school son for almost a decade, putting in the time and effort to date again was a lot of work - especially dating a single dad with two middle school daughters. Our separate lives had multiple layers and each of them were important and often very complicated. We quickly realized that we needed an experienced parent coach to join our team, too. Robin Gustine at Generations Family Counseling made ALL the difference! She actively joined our complex lives, and she gave us the tools and solid action steps we both needed to help us support each other and our children. She kept it “REAL,” and she challenged us each session to be on purpose partners and parents. We gained so much from Robin’s wisdom and experience as a parent as well [as her formal training], and we continue to do our best to implement the strategies she taught us."

"With the ever present challenges to balance family, parent coaching allowed me to see what is really
important and where to focus my energy to best help my children and our family. Instead of constantly
wondering if I am doing the right thing for my kids or worse, reacting to situations, I was able to sit down
and sort through everything we faced with a trusted guide whose sole purpose is the help me empower
my children and find that balance. I cannot recommend parent coaching enough and especially Robin.
She has mastered the art of facing things that feel impossible with the grace and kindness needed to
help anyone to be truly successful."

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"I found Robin's website on the internet, randomly, and am so grateful for my incredible good luck. She's the real deal. Robin took the time to compassionately and non-judgmentally understand my parenting challenges, which included handling my 7-year-old son's increasingly laser-sharp insults, ignoring us, melting down in public, complaining relentlessly, and general non-cooperativeness.

Her ability to contextualize these issues in terms of my son's development and deeper needs, and to help me connect the dots between our well-intentioned but counterproductive parenting mis-steps, changed our family culture in ONE WEEK. It was nothing short of miraculous. Five weeks later, our son is relaxed, happy, engaged and helpful. We're a lot more fun to be around, too. Best of all, we know how to handle his most frustrating behaviors in a way that helps him grow."


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