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Robin Gustine, MA

M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Certified by the Love & Logic Institute Founder & Managing Partner Generations Family Counseling

It can be daunting choosing a person to trust with the task of helping you develop your parenting skills; you’re basically deciding to trust a stranger with intimate details of your life and how you parent. Here are some things about me that might make it easier...


My undergraduate degree is in Psychology from The College of William and Mary, and I received an Individualized Master’s in Counseling and Psychology from Rhode Island College.  I have received extensive training through the American Association of Christian Counselors, with specialization in Marriage and Family issues, and Life Coaching.  I have studied a multitude of parenting approaches, and I am a certified Love and Logic™ Parenting Instructor.


I see it as a privilege to offer my clients this fast, effective and powerful tool. I believe that children are the key to a better world, and as such, by contributing to healthier parenting, it is my desire to help make the future more hopeful. On a more immediate level, I find it very fulfilling to spend a few hours with a family and know I am leaving them with simple strategies to reduce the stress in their household.


Having personally experienced a divorce and the very complex emotions related to step-parenting, I am committed to empathetically helping families navigate the intense process of blending a family.


Read here what one client had to say about how coaching helped her family achieve harmony she had begun to doubt was possible.

Read Blended Family Testimonial


On a personal note, after living in Loudoun County for almost 20 years, when my husband and I became empty nesters, we packed up and moved to a lake in Frederick County. As much as I love my work, I have to admit to being happiest anytime I am near water!


"Great tools to help me be a better parent. Great compassion and understanding - I never felt judged. The coach made it easy to be honest and truly receive the help I needed."

“Nothing else was helping, but Robin understood our needs and gave us manageable solutions. This really works!” 

"Parenting coaching is the best money that a family can spend to set themselves up to raise a beautifully successful blended (or non-blended) family. Robin’s kindness, compassion, and dedication to her craft is unmatched by anyone I have worked with in a counseling setting and she will forever have a special place in my heart for changing the path our family is taking. "

I worked with Robin for almost 5 years at Generations Family Counseling as a licensed professional counselor and clinical director. As a counselor, having the resource of a parent coach on site was invaluable. When we worked together as a team – people got better! The advantage of working together simultaneously meant that while I was working with the child she was equipping the parents to not only learn how to parent better but to “do” what needed to be done to promote change in the family system. The parents also benefited by saving time as we collaborated on schedules, as needed. Having full disclosure and consent within the family meant that we were also better able to assess the key issues from both the parent and the child’s perspective to better prepare and execute the treatment plan. Often we would meet to have a clinical discussion and we would learn that our key findings were very similar which
also promoted a sense of confidence in each of our own abilities and approach. It is rare to find a professional that not only has the expertise of parent coaching and has the clinical background of running and managing a practice. Robin brings this
unique perspective to any organization and has the passion and knowledge to help your practice grow. The parent coaching model is swift, comprehensive and provides families with more knowledge and peace in their relationships. Robin’s direct and loving approach invites and reinforces what we often times needs to be done in order to promote change in the family system - key learning that will last a lifetime for both parent and child!

Kim Clark, LPC

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