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Offered by Robin Gustine

MA/Parenting Coach/Certified by the Love & Logic™ Institute


• Would you like to feel more confident as a parent?

• Would you like to have more fun parenting?
• Would you like to feel more relaxed at the end of the day?
• Are you looking for easy to use techniques that will help
you raise responsible kids?

If so, gather a group of your friends and neighbors for a
six week class in your home* with a certified Love & Logic™
trainer to learn the answers to the following questions:


• How do I think up effective consequences?
• How can I reduce homework stress?

• How do I get my kids to help with chores?

• How do I handle tantrums in public?

• How can I teach my kids to make responsible choices?

• …and numerous other daily frustrations!


Each training class consists of six two hour sessions with the trainer, certified by the Love & Logic™ Institute. The cost is $185 for the entire course. This rate is the same for one parent or two, and includes free “tune-up” classes with the trainer for life!

Hostess Responsibilities:

Invite and confirm participants, provide location with DVD player, provide childcare (if needed)


Hostess Benefits:

For each participant who pays in advance, you receive a 10% discount off your fee. Ten guests results in a free class!


*Classes are available in an office setting for those who prefer not to host a group at home


What are parents saying about Love & Logic™ trainings?

“This class changed my relationship with my kids totally!” AK, parents of boys, 13 & 15

“The best part was learning to take the drama and emotion out of disagreements.” LD, mother of 4

“It was great being in a group of friends, sharing our struggles, and coming away with practical, realistic strategies that work.” SK, kids 10 & 16

“We saw change at home on the very first week – so rewarding!” BU, foster mom

“Nothing else was helping, but Robin understood our needs and gave us manageable solutions.

This really works!” JT, girls 3 & 5


Register via email at or call with questions – Generations Family Counseling 703-477-1122

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