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What Is Parent Coaching?


Just like a sports coach would do, a parenting coach offers you personalized expertise in this very important area of your life by helping you fine-tune your existing skills, developing your strengths, identifying your weaknesses and improving upon them, and holding you accountable to your goals. Parent coaching consists of in-person meetings in the coach’s office, video sessions, emails or telephone conversations that are designed to improve the relationship you have with your children by helping you examine your family values and motivations. All of this work will empower you with new tools for behavior management, and provide you with effective solutions to the problems coming between you and your children.

Some specific areas of change you might expect to see include:

  • Reduced arguing in the household (parent/child and/or siblings)

  • Increased willingness to take on responsibility

  • Improved listening and obedience

  • Enhanced family communication

Usually, the only parent training we have is what our parents modeled to us. Sometimes that amounts to things we try to emulate, other times it is more about what we want to reject. Either way, parent coaching helps you examine what you believe and how it’s been working. Parent coaching leads to you becoming a more intentional parent – to act rather than react, to regret less and rejoice more over the choices you make as a mom or a dad. The goal of parent coaching is to help you bring out the best in your kids by creating a family that functions within healthy boundaries, rules and discipline, and ultimately, to put the fun back in parenting.

What Coaching Is

  • Solution Focused

  • Forward Looking

  • Predominantly about external issues

  • Goal driven

  • A vehicle for learning new tools and strategies to

  • Improve relationships

  • A wellness enhancement

  • Confidential

What Coaching Is Not 

  • Emotion focused

  • About healing past hurts

  • Internally oriented

  • Process driven

  • A substitute for therapy

  • A diagnosis of dysfunction/disorder (hence, not insurance reimbursable)

  • HIPAA protected in court of law

It's useful to ask yourself, "Is it my goal to control my child or to teach her how to control herself." - Dr. Lynne Kenney

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